Our Threads

Solar Leather Machines provides the highest quality threads & needles for use with Cowboy Sewing Machines.  Our threads are spun from the same dyed batch and meet the strict requirements of MIL SPEC A-A-59826(VT-295E).  


Effect of Heat:  Sticks at 445° Fahrenheit.   Melts at 485° to 500° Fahrenheit.  Yellows slightly at 300° Fahrenheit when held for 5 hours. 
Effects of Bleaches and Solvents:  Can be bleached in most bleaching solutions. Generally insoluble in most organic solvents. Soluble in some phenolic compounds. 
Effects of Acids & Alkalis:  Unaffected by most mineral acids, except hot mineral acids. Dissolves with partial decomposition in concentrated solutions of hydrochloric, sulphuric, and nitric acids. Soluble in formic acids. Substantially inert in alkalis. 
Effects of Mildew, Aging, Sunlight & Abrasion:  Excellent resistance to mildew, aging and abrasion. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes some deterioration. 

Colors:  White, Natural (cream), Brown, & Black.

Bonded & Lubricated Nylon Thread

$19 for 1 lb Cone
No Minimum for Stock Colors:
Black, Brown, Natural, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink

Call:  817-422-9151
Email:  Alexander@solar-leather.com

Here's a Helpful Table of Recommended Needle sizes:  

Organ Needles

Quality leatherwork depends on quality needles. Organ Needles are manufactured in Japan to the finest standards. 

Care, quality and durability are the hallmarks of Organ Needle products.  

Sizes Available: 

7x3  110/18
7x3  125/20
7x3  130/21
7x3  140/22
7x3  160/23
7x4DIA  180/24
7x4DIA  200/25
7x4DIA  230/26
7x4DIA  250/27

$11 / 10-pack
No minimum

Call:  817-422-9151
Email:  Alexander@solar-leather.com