CB-M12 Manual 12 Ton Cutting & Molding Press



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Prancing Pony

The CB-M12 is a low cost, low weight,versatile tool.  

Tonnage:  12 tons
Power:  Manual-hydraulic
Working area:  12" x 12"
Opening height:  Adjustable up to 4" high
Retraction: Automatic
Preset Stops: Keeps the platen from over lifting or pressing. 
Die Heights accepted:  1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.25"
Weight:  130 lbs
Height: 55 Inches
Width: 20 Inches
Cycle time:  15 seconds on average.  


The CB-M12 reliably cuts through leathers, vinyls, rubbers, and other soft materials.  Holster makers can cut out an entire holster in one minute. Using the CB-M12 can mean the difference between cutting 10 holsters and cutting 100 holsters a night!


Use the CB-M12 to mold holster, knife sheaths, bags, and cases simply by adding either Butyl Rubber or Neoprene.  The soft materials will form fit hot, wet leathers to your desired shamp, and the CB-M12 will hold the pressure for as long as you want to shape your project.  


Manual control means that a long dwell time can be used. The CB-M12 can emboss leathers and mold holsters to shape.  Need a 10 minute hold time?  No problem.  Set the press, and come back when the work is finished. 


Every leatherworker gets to a point where they need a clicker, but can't afford the cost.  The CB-M12 provides clicker-type performance at a low cost. Even AFTER getting an industrial clicker, many owners keep the CB-M12 for embossing stamps and for easy one-off projects. 


When was the last time you saw a clicker at a Fair or Show? The CB-12M is fully transportable, and will fit inside your average enclosed trailer.  Now you can load up your sewing machine AND your clicker into a trailer, and make holsters ON THE ROAD!   Think about how many more sales that means!