Maker's Mark Hand Stamps

So many people loved our stamps that we had to make it easier to order them!  

Professionals from the world over select these hand stamps to show pride in their quality leatherwork.  Join them by selecting one of our many designs below.  

These stamps work as hard as you do. Each hand stamp is individually inspected for quality and durability.  

Select a standard design below, add your name or company and we will create a unique signature for your work.  

Standard Designs - $125

Size: 1" x 1" 
Length: 6" approx
Steel striking handle
Aluminum backer
Magnesium detail plate

Call us with your details to order!

Makers Mark Leatherworker

Custom Designs - $125

Make a unique mark in this world!  Our custom hand stamps can be made to your exacting specifications.  These hardworking stamps are made to the same quality requirements as our standard stamps above.  

Sizes available: 

1/2 Inch - $125
3/4 Inch - $125
1 Inch - $125
1-1/4 Inch - $135
1-1/2 Inch - $150

Custom designs required a digital image. We do not recommend hand stamps over 1-1/2" in size. 

Call to see a demonstration at our Dallas location.