Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much does the machine cost? 

The prices are listed on the page in BIG RED NUMBERS, and any time a price is changed, we update the website immediately.  If you call us up and ask the price, it will be the same as on the website.  

Got any used machines? 

No. It's the first question EVERYONE asks. Used Cowboy machines are extremely rare.  We see a used machine about twice a year.  And they're sold about 6 hours after we take them in.  

Want proof?  Go do a search on Craigslist for a Cowboy machine.  You won't find one.  People don't sell these machines, and when they do, it's almost always to a family member or close friend.  Normally when we see one, it's because someone has passed on, and an auction company has pulled it aside.  They know these machines are as good as cash.  

Military Discount? 

You bet.  All active duty military personnel receive a 5% discount.  

A picture ID is required, and the service member must be listed on the form of payment (check or credit card).   Basically, you can't ride on your son or daughter's active service.  They earn that benefit every day, and deserve our respect.  Don't like it?  Enlist HERE

Can I sew 277 on top and 138 on bottom?

Yes, you can, but you don't need to.  Running a smaller thread on the bottom is an old trick to help fabric machines sew leather.  Cowboy machines are leather machines, and are fully capable of running the same size thread top and bottom.  We test them that way, and the sewn quality samples are provided for each machine to prove it.  

Further, since a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, if you're using smaller thread on the bottom, then the stitch is only as strong as that smaller thread.  

Can I order just the machine head?  

Yes.  Heads are available individually.  If you have a table & motor already, and you know how to adjust them, you can purchase a worked/tuned head.  Call for pricing: 817-422-9151  

Do you take trade ins?  

Generally, no.  We are so busy working to make our new customers happy that we don't have time to mess with worn out machines.  

Further, used machines are a fast way to make a bad reputation, and we want to be known for excellent customer service. 

I have an old cast iron sewing machine.  It was the best machine ever built. It runs perfect, and it's in practically new condition.  Will you give me a trade in?  

Sorry, no.  See the answer above.  

The only reason that people sell a leather machine is because it's not working right.  And, unless you can fix your own sewing machine, it's generally cheaper in the long run to buy a new machine.  

I want to save money by doing the machine tuning myself.  Can I order it without being tuned/worked?  

No, for several reasons.  First, it's HIGHLY unlikely the average person knows how to adjust a machine for leather sewing.  Second, if you have any questions about problems, we don't know what state your machine is in, and will not be able to provide help.  Lastly, every Cowboy machine goes through a 200 step quality check that ensures perfect operation. This final check is what makes Cowboy machines run so well, and we're not willing to sacrifice that quality.  

Can I pick it up at your store? 

Yes!  We actually prefer that you do.  It gives us a chance to answer a TON of questions, and lets you get comfortable with the machine.  A 20 minute general walk-throw is worth weeks of struggling alone.  People drive 8+ hours to come see us for instruction.  

And besides, no one likes to pay for shipping.  

How do you ship machines?

On a pallet via motor freight. We ship hundreds of machines each year, and this method has proven the best way to ensure the machines are not damaged in transit.  Trust us, you don't want to see how regular package companies handle machines.  *crunch*

How much does shipping cost? 

It ranges based on weight & distance but generally shipping costs between $135 to $250.   Cost has more to do with distance from a major terminal.  If you're close to a major freight hub, costs are lower.  If you're 60 miles from a large town, freight costs more.   

How big is a pallet?

About 350 lbs, packed in separately packed boxes.  

Will I have to put my machine together? 

Only if you're having it shipped.  The machine head is packed carefully in a special shipping box.  It comes already adjusted, tuned and ready to sew.  All you need to do is put the legs on the table and mount the motor & head.  All in all, it's about 8 bolts.  Instructions are included, and they have a picture for each step.  It takes about 45 minutes to put together.  Go HERE to see the directions.  

What's the fastest way to piss you off? 

Treat us like we're crooks.  We spend HOURS on the phone and in person helping people find fixes to their problems for free.  We don't overcharge.  We don't make up fake problems to fix.  Our service rates are super low. We work 6 days a week to be available as much as our spouses allow.  We provide more videos and more documentation than any other company in this industry.

We got into this business because we love leather, and we love to help people.  There's nothing we'd rather do than help someone be successful, and to help them make amazing products.  We are professional, honest & honorable.  You should be, too.