Embossing Dies, Engraving Plates, & Roll Dies


  • 1/4" Etched Magnesium Die Plate

  • 1" Solid Aluminum Backer

  • Deep Relief 

  • Solid Copper or Solid Brass is available at extra cost


1" x 1"     $125
2" x 2"    $150
3" x 3"    $175
4" x 4"   $200

Embossing Dies

Solar Leather provides embossing plates and roll dies to the industry and to local craftsmen alike.  Fine details can be replicated from digital imagery, or from a worked piece of leather.  

Roll Dies

If you have a need for a custom roll die, our partnership with an industrial leader will deliver outstanding custom roll dies.  Rolls can be made in different sizes and with custom changes.  If your machine is older, you can send us the worn out rolls, and we can recreate the dimensions and get a new roll out to you ASAP.  

Existing Art Work

If you have a worked piece of leather, we can make a stamp or die to match.  If you have an existing design on paper, or in another form, many times we can convert that to a embossing die, or a roll die for you, at an extra cost. 

Fine detailing and scalloping of a design to provide a 3D sculpting effect are available, also.

Dies can be made from:

Call to see a demonstration at our Dallas location.  


We DO NOT keep stock embossing or roll dies.  Each roll or plate is custom made to the owner's design.  Intellectual property is respected.  We WILL NOT copy another leatherworker's design