Your new Cowboy brand sewing machinery includes a limited LIFETIME warranty.

The warranty is granted solely to the original purchaser of this new Cowboy sewing machinery.

Your new Cowboy is free of defective parts due to imperfections in workmanship or materials.

This warranty does not cover transportation costs, postage, labor, or the following normally expendable high mortality spare parts such as: needles, bobbins, belts, light bulbs, lamps, LED's, bobbin cases, rotating hooks, shuttle hooks, presser feet, needle plates, feed dogs, oscillating shuttles, springs, needle bars, screws, blades, knives, take-up levers, or thread guides.

All parts other than those specified above that are proven defective by Cowboy at our option, will be repaired or replaced at no charge provided said parts or the complete machine is returned transportation prepaid to the Cowboy sewing machines at our location in North Lima, Ohio.

This limited warranty is in effect provided that your machine is used for normal sewing purposes and is given reasonable good care and lubrication in accordance with the instructions contained in your sewing machines instruction booklet. Your authorized retailer or the manufacturer is not to be held responsible for damage, normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, neglect, negligence, acts of God, or if the sewing machine has been worked on or repaired by any unqualified or unauthorized sewing machine dealer or unauthorized technician.

This warranty is not transferable and extends only to the original purchaser when the sewing machinery is new and only when purchased from an authorized Cowboy retailer or Cowboy directly.  If necessary to obtain warranty service, your original sales receipt or a photocopy must be provided showing your date and place of purchase. No charge warranty service is only available from the retailer where you purchased this quality sewing machine, or the machine must be sent insured, with prepaid freight, directly to Cowboy Sewing Machines with a letter of explanation about the malfunction including your daytime telephone number and your return address along with prepaid return shipping fees.

Cowboy Servo Motors are backed by a separate two year limited warranty.

This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties. The manufacturer is not responsible for any representation expressed or implied other than those contained herein.