CB-801 Bottom Feed Bell Knife Skiver

"It's the perfect machine for thinning purse edges!"


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CB801 Bottom Feed Leather Skiver

Watch the VIDEO! Skivers are indispensable when it comes to joining straps securely, or when folding edges on upholstery leathers.  The CB-801 will slice a smooth taper onto the edges of soft leather pieces, allowing a smooth lap joint with no increase in thickness, or to fold a clean edge on pockets. Nothing works quite the way a bell knife skiver does, and every serious boot, wallet & bag maker will have one.  

The CB-801 is self-sharpening, and has a very long lasting bell knife blade.  If your blade gets dull, a minute with the sharpener gets it back to razor sharp in an instant.  Watch the VIDEO!

Motor: Powered with a 1 hp digital programmable DC servo motor, the CB-801 runs smoothly and quietly.  Speeds can be adjusted from 200 rpm to 3800 rpm.  

Applications: Boot Uppers, Wallets, Check books, Handbag walls, upholstery leathers, soft bridle leathers, perfect for handbags, backpacks, messenger bags, light belts