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COMMERCIAL Sales of Thread, Needles & Machine Parts

CB-3200 Heavy Duty Leather Stitcher for Holsters, Knife Sheaths, Belts & Light Tack
$1895     Click HERE for details

CB-4500 Heavy Duty Leather Stitcher for Horse Tack, Saddles, Harnesses, & Holsters
$2595     Click Here

CB-4500 SE Special Edition
Hand Pinstriped & Super Hard Ceramic Coating!
$3095   Click Here

CB-818 Belt Strap Cutting Machine. Cuts Fringe & Lacing
$2095         Click Here

CB-806 Manual Skiver
Flat skive & Bevel Skive
Thins belt ends for buckles
$320       Click Here

CB-341 Medium Duty Cylinder Arm w/ Extra Large Bobbin Capacity for purses & bags
$2155      Click here

CB-12 Hydraulic Swing Arm 12-Ton Clicker Press
$3235           Click Here

CB-16 Hydraulic Swing Arm 16-Ton Clicker Press
$4315        Click Here

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We provide equipment, supplies, and service for all Cowboy Machines.